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On this page you can take the Active* Consent eLearning module, Sexual Violence and Harassment; How To Support Yourself and Your Peers


Our “Start Here” disclosure tips give you basic language and information to support a friend, student or colleague who discloses to you.


If you want to learn more about this issue, the Active* Consent eLearning module, Sexual Violence and Harassment: How to Support Yourself and Your Peers takes 45 minutes to introduce a more nuanced understanding of sexual violence, harassment and support services available to students who have had negative sexual experiences.


This module is directly informed by Active* Consent and USI’s 2020 Sexual Experiences Survey (SES), which shed light on areas where we found students reported gaps in understanding that need to be addressed. 


Key gaps included understanding of the definition of rape and sexual assault and different forms of harassment as well as how to access support services.


Our eLearning module brings users on a self-directed and gamified journey that closes these gaps in knowledge. Users immediately test new knowledge by applying it to fictionalised scenarios and compare their own expectations for peer experiences of sexual violence and/or harassment (SVH) with current national statistics from the SES survey through frequent quizzes and polls. 


To read the full Sexual Experiences Survey report, go here.

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